My 1001 Gratitude List

One of the best way to make me happy every single day is, to always count my blessings. I always wanted to have this list in proper, I mean, I can read it everyday, anytime I want, so that when I feel a little bit down, I know I should not. 

Maybe, some or most of of these things listed seems small and insignificant to you, but for me I am grateful for every big and small blessings in my life. I do not want to take my blessings for granted, inshaALLAH. I just do this by trying to imagine, what if any of these blessing not appear anymore in my life?

Okey, let the list begin.. InshaALLAH, I will do my best to update this list from time to time.


  1. Being a Muslim. I always have ALLAH with me every seconds in my life, I always have purpose in life because I am a Muslim, and inshaALLAH I am improving myself every day, because of ALLAH.


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